About Us

Call us a blog, a digital magazine, an online publication – it matters not. What does matter is that Undiscovered Italy is founded on the following core principles:

– Highlighting products, producers and locales from Italy that are lesser-known in the world at large. Though we understand that there’s essentially no such thing as “undiscovered” in today’s global, connected world, our search is for those things that are unknown by a mainstream audience, especially in the United States.

– Behind every great product is a person, place, history, etc. Our aim is to go beyond tasting notes, Wikipedia paraphrasing and press release rehashing to tell the stories that make products and regions come alive.

– Though we work with a variety of producers, promoters and distributors in both Italy and the US, we remain fiercely independent, using only our judgement of quality to determine which stories readers need to know about.


Mike Madaio
The founder of Undiscovered Italy, Mike is a food & drink writer based in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. His work has appeared in publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Edible Philly and Philly Beer Scene, and he has achieved Core Certification from the National Wine School. Mike’s previous projects include PA Vine Co., Main Line Dine and Small Food.

Frank Cipparone
A lifelong Philadelphian, Frank spent four decades as an educator, coach, and curriculum specialist before teaching and writing about wine in general and the wines of Italy in particular. Annual sojourns in the land of his ancestors fuel his passion for the culture and history of its regions, not to mention restocking his cellar with obscure varietals and hard-to-find rarities. Frank’s work has been featured in PA Vine Co., The Wine School of Philadelphia and the Italian-American Herald.

Sample Policy:

Undiscovered Italy accepts samples of food & wine, as well as books and other Italy-related products.

Submission of a product is not a guarantee that it will be covered. We typically only cover items that we like, however may occasionally post about items we do not like if there is interesting insight to be shared.

To discuss story ideas, suggest products and arrange samples, please Contact Us.